You Might Suck at Podcasting

Step Two: Humility — PFD 008

Humility is Step Two of the Nine Steps Back to Podcasting and requires you to believe that you don’t know everything about podcasting.

Admit that you don’t know everything about podcasting

Step Two of the Nine Steps Back to Podcasting is Humility.

This step centers on believing that you don’t know everything about podcasting or realizing that your way may not be the best way to podcast. That’s a tough mindset to crack because it requires you to admit that your podcast could be better. If you’ve already come around to agreeing that your podcast and your podcasting skills are worth working on.

Now you need to have a real conversation with yourself on what “worth working on” really means to you. Which is why I go back to the name of this episode: You might suck at podcasting!

Well, do you?

How would you know?

Getting to the Root Causes with Five Whys

The Five Whys works something likes this:

#1 — I stopped podcasting. WHY?
#2 — I didn’t want to do it anymore. WHY?
#3 — I take a long time to create an episode. WHY?
#4 — I don’t have any ideas on what to talk about. WHY?
#5 — I wait until the last minute to plan episodes.

The root cause in this example takes a general problem statement: “I stopped podcasting”, and drills down through the potential causes to find a possible root cause.

You may have already discovered that I can answer the WHY’s any way I want to. Which means I can deflect and hide the real reasons for why I stopped podcasting. But if you are serious about coming back to podcasting, then you have to have a very honest conversation with yourself.

By using a root cause approach to investigate your own technical, emotional, and motivational skills within your podcast, you can discover a lot about the reasons something happened.

Podfaders don’t happen overnight

They podfade after a dozen tiny things go wrong in their production, their expectations, and even their lives. Using the Five Whys is just one way to be honest with yourself. You know the real reasons behind your problems. That is the core lesson of Step Two of Nine Steps Back to Podcasting.

Having the humility to admit you’re not perfect, and the courage to do something about it. If you can do that, then you’re ready to move forward with a much clearer understanding of what you need to work on to improve.

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