Who Are You Podcasting To?

Who Are You Podcasting To?

Episode #18 – Figuring out your target audience is one thing, but need to go further to what your one true listener needs, wants, and is asking you to create.

A persona is one way to discover who your target audience is. However, personas only go so far. To really understand your audience, you need to find your target listener. What do they need, want, and are asking you to create that will help them with their specific problems. When you podcast, you need to be talking to that one listener — your target listener — and advocating for them. However, before you can do that, you have to do get very detailed.

Meet Teri
I share my target listener Teri. Teri is more than just a mix of data and demographics. Teri is a struggling professional that wants to podcast but needs someone to fill in the tiny details that connects everything together.

Who is YOUR Teri?

And now you know!

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