The Silent Microphone

Content Creation Matters – PFD 002

All any content creator needs to do to build a podcast worthy of an audience is decide to put their voice in the world.

If you can dream up a blog post, you can dream up a podcast

When I first started my podcasting journey, I did everything wrong. I thought I could just speak into any microphone, record my voice in any recording software, and publish it. Instead, I had to learn how to podcast the correct way, the same way I had to learn to write blog posts the correct way. Making mistakes is part of the process.

Fortunately, I learned early on that podcasting is still only a tool. Like any tool, learning how to use it well can be taught. You CAN learn to do this! I can show you what I think are the good guidelines and solid processes that will make your podcast worthy of your audience. But you are the only one that can make your podcast the best it can be. And leave your blog in the atomic dustbin of useless media where it belongs.

About the Show
Podfader, hosted by veteran podcaster Kyle Bondo, focuses on the challenges of keeping your podcast going and the drive we all have has creators to keep our podcasts going with new and interesting content. If you’re a struggling podcaster, Podfader will be your sanctuary to get you through the messy middle of any podcasting strategy. Stop fading and start casting!

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