Release the Podcast Throttle

Release Schedules Can Change — PFD 004

No one has ever made a rule that prevents your daily, weekly, or monthly podcast from changing its release schedule, taking time off, or modifying its length from time to time.

What does it mean to throttle your podcast?
Throttling your podcast is defined as reducing or decreasing the number of episodes you release. This could be any kind of decision that results in a slow down, pause, or even complete stop of your podcast. If you think of your podcast as an engine, each episode is the fuel for that engine. No fuel, no engine.

The throttle to that engine is your release schedule. You either throttle your podcasting engine on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Somewhere you decided — hopefully before you launched your first episode — on what timeframe you were going to release your episodes. The throttle is set to that specific schedule. 

Release your podcast every Thursday? Then your throttle is set to a weekly release schedule starting the moment your release your episode on Thursday and running until you release your next episode on the following Thursday. Then it repeats. This is your throttle tempo — or the rhythm of your own podcast release cycle.

Podcasting Disruptions
#1 – Late — is when you produce your podcast but you don’t get it published at the same time each time.
#2 – Pause — is when you stop producing your podcast for a short period of time.
#3 – Hiatus — is when there is an interruption in the intensity to which you produce your podcast.
#4 – Podfade — is when the pause or interruption that stopped you from producing a podcast become permanent.

Reasons to Throttle
#1 — Need to Pull Back
#2 — You need to finish something else
#3 — Something Didn’t Work
#4 — It’s not fun anymore
#5 — Just need a break

Alternatives to Podcast Throttling
#1 – Try changing your podcast from Episodic to Serial or Seasonal.
#2 – Try to make better use of your time by doing one a month batch recording.
#3 – Try going back to your episode archives and recycle your best episodes with a “Best Of” group of shows.
#4 – Reduce the size of your episodes to produce Short Episodes.
#5 – Take advantage of quick episodes where you check in with your audience for an update on what’s coming next

About the Show
Podfader, hosted by veteran podcaster Kyle Bondo, focuses on the challenges of keeping your podcast going and the drive we all have has creators to keep our podcasts going with new and interesting content. If you’re a struggling podcaster, Podfader will be your sanctuary to get you through the messy middle of any podcasting strategy. Stop fading and start casting!

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