Ratings and Review Swap Meet

A Rant About Review Swaps — PFD 005

Focus on delivering great content to build an audience not on getting ratings and review from someone that is not your target listener. How are they going to know if you are any good if they don’t even like the content you’re delivering?

Ratings Swap Meet
Asking people to Rate and Review your podcast in return for you to Rate and Review yours is not new. But does a ratings and review swap give you something real?

The short answer is No.

Rate and Review swap gives you false hope. It also focuses you on the wrong thing. You should be focusing on content, audio quality, and building an audience by continuing to show up. Real reviewers — the ones you actually want — will come in time. They’re called listeners, and they just gave you 5 stars and “this podcast is awesome” review. How do I know they did this? Because they keep listening week after week.

That’s the only Rating and Review you need to keep going.

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