Nine Steps Back to Podcasting

The Fellowship of the Podfader

The Nine Steps Back to Podcasting was devised by listening and understanding what causes a podcaster to podfade. By taking each step one at a time, a podcaster can begin to make positive decisions about their podfading (steps 1-3), take direct action to change, improve, and return to podcasting (steps 4-6), and then continue to grow their podcasting skills over time (steps 7-9).

Overview of the Nine Steps

When you come to this realization — owning the fact that YOU let this happen — that YOU let your podcasting muscle go weak, you need to take your podcasting skills back to the gym with these nine steps!

Step 1 — Acceptance

Acceptance is Step One of the Nine Steps Back to Podcasting and requires you to ask yourself to admit that your podcast is worth working on or let it podfade.

Step 2 — Humility

Humility is Step Two of the Nine Steps Back to Podcasting and requires you to believe that you don’t know everything about podcasting.

Step 3 — Clarity

You decide that you need to improve your skills and learn a better way to produce your podcast.

Step 4 — Insight

You take an honest look at your podcast and expose what you need to fix or improve.

Step 5 — Commit

You take full ownership of your shortcomings and create a plan for how you can improve.

Step 6 — Focus

You take action by prioritized your most important improvements and taking real action to work on each one.

Step 7 — Reflection

You take a personal inventory of your progress, celebrate what you have accomplished and admitted to yourself when you feel like podfading.

Step 8 — Fellowship

You activity seek honest feedback from your podcasting community.

Step 9 — Mentorship

You actively give back what you have learned to the podcasting community and help other podcasters from podfading by becoming mentors.