Is Your Podcast Worth It?

Step One: Acceptance — PFD 007

Acceptance is Step One of the Nine Steps Back to Podcasting and requires you to ask yourself to admit that your podcast is worth working on or let it podfade.

Admit That Your Podcast is Worth Working On

Step One of the Nine Steps Back to Podcasting is Acceptance.

This step centers on you either admitting that your podcast is worth working on, or admitting that your done with that podcast and letting it podfade. That’s a tough pill to swallow.

To podcast, or not to podcast, that is the question!

Well, which is it? Are you ready to stop pretending you’re a podcaster and letting go of your podcast for good? Or do you really want to do the hard, sometimes thankless work of building a podcast worthy of an audience?

These are both equally easy and difficult questions at the same time. Easy as in it is easy to SAY you want to give up or carry on. But difficult in what the repercussions will be when you choose. Sure, podfading seems easy… at first. But it comes with a whole assortment of sadness and regret. Sometimes that sadness and regret can gnaw at you until the next thing you do.

Deciding to buckle down and get back to podcasting is the opposite. All the difficulty is in the beginning when you are trying to create something from nothing. Once it exists and is in the world, then it can easier to keep going. It is the stopping, the long pause that makes an existing podcast hard to start again. The easy of stopping, of just putting it all down for a while is very seductive. But at what cost?

This leads to the first of many tough challenges and introspections you will need to face. They are like the Trials of Hercules. Nobody else can face them but you. And they start with a simple question:

Do you want to be a podcaster?

Well, do you?

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