I, Podfader

You Have to Show Up — PFD 001

Podcasting has plenty of challenges but the number one challenge you need to overcome is podfading. In this first episode of Podfader, I introduce the show by sharing the biggest strategy for keeping your podcast going: Showing Up!

Welcome to Podfader
Howdy — I’m Kyle Bondo, and this is Podfader! My weekly podcast about helping you keep your podcast from podfading, especially when the drive for new and interesting content becomes a struggle.

You Might Be a Podcaster if…
Meanwhile, I get into “You might be a podcaster if…” by exploring the five ways to become a podfader:

#1 — Learning never stops
#2 — Schedules get hit by life
#3 — Gear always flakes
#4 — Content creation never ends
#5 — Overnight success is a myth

About the Show
Podfader, hosted by veteran podcaster Kyle Bondo, focuses on the challenges of keeping your podcast going and the drive we all have has creators to keep our podcasts going with new and interesting content. If you’re a struggling podcaster, Podfader will be your sanctuary to get you through the messy middle of any podcasting strategy. Stop fading and start casting!

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