Every Podcast Needs a Good Name

Every Podcast Needs a Good Name

Naming a podcast is incredibly difficult without a strategy for naming your podcast that can actually help you stand out from the competition.

Dog Names
Would you name your dog “Dogfader”? Actually, that sounds like a great name for a dog! Maybe it could be an Old English Bulldog. Dogfader does sound like a Bulldog’s name, especially after the first mile of any walk. Nothing fades faster than a Bulldog going uphill. But when it comes to names, I like names that work on multiple levels.

The Secret Name of your Podcast
I share a story about the A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin and how it matters to your naming quest.

Podcast Naming Strategy At-a-Glance

  • Understand how podcasts are searched
  • Learn how names are categorized and why
  • Describe your podcast idea as if you were a listener
  • Know your space and what niche you will fit into
  • Define your keywords and keyword associations
  • Define literal, abstract, and antonym keywords
  • Blend portmanteau, puns, and weird sounding words
  • Test your names with friends and family
  • Pick the One Name that works
  • Discover if the TLD is available (or an alternative version)
  • Discover if the Social Media version is available

Podcast Naming Tools

And now you know!

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About the Show
Podfader, hosted by Kyle Bondo, focuses on tackling the challenges all podcasters face when the drive to keep podcasting becomes a struggle. If you’re a podcaster or trying to become one, Podfader is your sanctuary for getting you through the messy middle of any podcasting journey. Stop podfading and start podcasting!

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