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Podcasting For the Win — PFD 003

Podcasting will always provide you with greater opportunities for discovery, audience growth, and monetization than blogging or video could ever wish to do.

An excuse I’ve heard podfaders give for leaving their podcast.

It has to do with their confidence in podcasting as a medium for delivering a message. Somewhere, they were told that blogging and video are far more effective. What reason do they give for the effectiveness of blogging and video? Simply put, they claim that more people — way more people — are familiar with how to find it.

With a blog — it’s a Link to a webpage. They can share a link on any social media, and it goes right to their blog. Done.

With a video — it’s a Link to a video. They can share a link on any social media, and it goes right to Youtube. Or it will play right in the post. Again… done.

And they are right. Podcasting does not have this advantage. You really can’t put the audio from your podcast into a Facebook post. You can put something that kind-of works like that — even if it’s a snippet of audio. But it is not the same user experience as having a video play. And let’s not forget that Facebook is really not an audio platform.

You can also add a podcast player to your website that could be found by an including a website link. Someone could go to that page and hear your latest episode too. However, if they start to see what else is on your podcast website, they player usually stops unless it’s super special. And the mobile experience with that setup is very disappointing.

To get the same experience as video, they need to connect your podcast to a dedicated player. That’s if they even know what a dedicated player is. There are still a few extra steps in the podcast listening experience before it becomes seamless. But that is their main argument. Because it’s not seamless — not yet — it’s not as effective as blogging or video. That is a very powerful claim — especially if it can convince podcasters to leave podcasting altogether.

But is it true?

I take this on one medium at a time…

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