About Podfader

No One Wants to be a Podfader

My name is Kyle Bondo and I know about second chances. I host Podfader, the podcast about podfading, the world’s most misunderstood part of podcasting. I’m not fighting the battle alone. My fellow podcasting coaches at Gagglepod share my passion. In the digital graveyard of abandoned podcasts, my mission is to change podfading into a positive and give podfaders the tools and encouragement to return to podcasting once again.

About the Podcast

Podfader focuses on tackling the challenges all podcasters face when the drive for new and interesting content becomes a struggle. If you’re a podcaster or trying to become one, Podfader is your sanctuary for getting you through the messy middle of any podcasting journey. Stop podfading and start podcasting!

Fellowship Meetups

Those who have never had any experience with podcasting meetups will naturally be worried about what to expect. In general, these meetings are informal and friendly and are similar to other meetings. The meetups will include speakers and members sharing their experiences of a particular podcasting topic.

Most members feel comfortable speaking up and sharing their stories because they know that those in attendance will not judge them. However, some members prefer to keep quiet initially until they are more comfortable with the process and the other members. It is important to bear in mind that no member is ever forced to speak up and will only do so voluntarily.

If you or someone you know would like to talk about their podfading experience or would like support in coming back to podfading, our meetup always welcomes new members. Learn more at Gagglepod.com today!